Ali was born and raised in Rock Springs in 1991. She has always been into art as her mom is an artist. She got her first tattoo at the age of 15 and loved the art form, she wanted to pursue it from there. She loves doing black and grey realism, watching the pieces come to life is her favorite but she loves doing it all. She has been with Skin City for 8 years, tattooing for 6. She states that Rich is by far her biggest influence in the tattoo industry, he has taught her everything she knows about tattooing and more. Being able to watch him grow and learning things together has been her best experience! Both Rich and Betty have brought her in and made her a part of their family, She has learned so much from them! Her greatest motivation is to be better then she was yesterday. To see the smiles and joy on her clients faces. To be able to bring the memories to life for the people who need it the most.