Many people believe that tattoo removal and tattoos are mere opposites and should not go hand in hand. Little do most people know, tattoo removal can assist a tattoo artist in giving their client a quality piece of art. Many times in a tattoo artists career they face the dilemma of a client walking in with a regretful tattoo, asking their artist if they can cover up this tattoo. Often these tattoos are very dark black or other dark colors that are very hard to cover up. In this case lightening that old tattoo so that your artist can cover it is ideal so that you cannot see the old tattoo through the new tattoo.

Another example is that what the client wants just will not cover up their old tattoo, for example, sometimes a client can want a lily in place of a name. For these clients’ tattoo removal is ideal. Your licensed laser technician can assist the client in removing the old tattoo so that they can achieve the tattoo they desire. Sometimes tattoo removal is a very useful tool to cover up those regretful tattoos. 

Let us look at another scenario. We have a few clients that never wanted a tattoo and only has this one tattoo that they regret immensely. In this case removing a tattoo is the best thing we can do for our clients. Removing unwanted ink is something that improves the lives of our clients.